Partnership Free Bird Capital and NO LOCKUP GROUP
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Partnership Free Bird Capital and NO LOCKUP GROUP - PULSE ZEN ECONOMY - El Salvador

Today we proudly announce the partnership between FREE BIRD CAPITAL and the No LOCKUP GROUP in El Salvador.

Free Bird Capital is the top investment in El Salvador, with a broad connection to the best partners in all major branches in El Salvador.

Free Bird Capital joins and brings projects, companies, and specialists from El Salvador together and leads to a bright future in El Salvador.

Therefore, it was a no-brainer for the No LOCKUP GROUP to partner with Free Bird Capital. The benefit for both sides is the expertise and knowledge in crypto and the education of people.

Free Bird Capital accepts cryptocurrency payments and uses PZEN as a new top product and project in its portfolio.

Through the No LOCKUP GROUP, the PULSE ZEN ECONOMY and its network are even closer connected to El Salvador's economy.

This partnership opens a faster way to introduce and educate people about the growing PULSE ZEN economy and how to integrate the PZEN token into their business.

Under the umbrella of Free Bird Capital, the PULSE ZEN ECONOMY can reach out to the following branches.

Free Bird Capital and its subdivisions Free Bird Lifestyle, Free Bird Medical offer help in the following topics:

- Legal

- Residency

- Citizenship

- Passports

- Incorporation

- Logistics

- Real Estate

- Crypto Consulting Crypto Conversion

- Investment

- Bank Accounts

- Loans

- Medical Tourism

- Stem Cells

- Plastic Surgery

If we take the real estate portfolio, Free Bird Capital joins the best real estate companies to offer its customers the best available real estate objects without worrying about unclear contracts.

The project Real Token, for example, is handling the ownership on the Blockchain—no more complicated paperwork in a register.

The finance partner has a future project where they will offer loans on the road, reaching out directly to its customers.

Free Bird Captial has a partnership with a modern private clinic offering the best doctors and specials available in any medical area. The database holds over 150 specialists and still growing.

These are examples of the vast Free Bird Capital portfolio the PULSE ZEN ECONOMY will connect.

This connection will offer and guarantee a very high value to all its PZEN holders and participants.

The future for the PULSE ZEN network economy looks exceptionally bright in El Salvador.

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Pulse Zen Web 3.0 Token 

Socially Engineered Audited Code


- PZEN available on Uniswap (Set slippage min. to 2.5%)

- PIF (Pay It Forward function) deducts and distributes 2% on every transaction.

- Burn function where 0.01% of every transaction is burnt forever.

- Deducts 0.2% to charity.

- Compounding interest per transaction


- UNCORRELATED to BTC & Global Economy 

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